Conditions in Reynisfjara beach (The black sand beach) are very difficult/dangerous at the moment and travellers are adviced to be EXTRA careful. Remember that every 10th to 15th wave goes further up on the beach.

Avalanche risk

Considerable danger (level 3 of 5) of avalanches is in mountain areas in northern part of Westfjords, Tröllaskagi peninsula in North Iceland  & in Eastfjords.

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Within the Icelandic Association for Search & Rescue we have around 100 rescue teams. Every day of the year about 4.000 volunteers are ready day and night.

  • Elvar is a SAR volunteer
    He is 28 years old, works for the Coastguard and owns an RV
  • Vigdís is a SAR volunteer
    She is 44 years old, works as a developmental therapist.
  • Anna is a SAR volunteer
    She is studying to become a nurse and likes to knit.
  • Broddi is a SAR volunteer
    He is 40 years old and works as a electrician

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